The Legend of the Church of the Brownies

le roi des nains l'église des nains le roi des nains le roi des nains

Long ago, the brownie king, the “Wichtelkönig“, who lived with his subjects near Dörnberg mountain, saw a lovely maid from Zierenberg, fell in love with her and proposed. After much deliberation, Gotelind, the maid, accepted his offer and the wedding was planned for the night before St. John’s Day. The bride and groom entered the little church, which had been previously prepared by the king and his brownies, and the pair was followed by a solemn congregation. In spite of all glamour, the maid felt that everything was cold and soulless and when it was time to give her word she said, “No!“

Suddenly, a peal of thunder arose and lightening flashed across the sky; the candles went out and where the church had once stood was now a solemnly decorated glowing crystal which shortly afterwards became a rigid and bare rock in the shape of a church - the so-called “church of the brownies“ of today.

The full moon beamed over the Heilerbachtal valley and the church of the brownies, which had just come into existence. The maid Gotelind however, felt very much relieved and returned home to her parents living in the valley.